“My Heartbreaking Encounter with a Loyal Canine: The Story of a Neglected Salivary Tumor”

Sweet Dog Suffered With Huge Salivary Tumor For 6 Years, After His Owners Refused To Take him To Vet

A lovable canine had to endure a daunting salivary tumor for six long years because its owners refused to seek veterinary care for it.

A beautiful dog named Jake is finally getting the veterinary care he needs after his previous owners ignored his huge salivary tumor for six years. Although his previous family loved him, they did not take him to a doctor when his face began to swell, believing that it was caused by a snake bite. Despite having a salivary tumor for six years, Jake is an indoor dog that is very well-behaved, trained, and gets along well with other dogs. After wandering in a remote area of Texas, Cribs for Canines worked to convince his family to give him up so he could receive the medical attention he needed. Since then, Jake has been treated by Dr. Lide and his colleagues at the Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, where they drained 1200cc of salivary fluid from his neck. For the first time in six years, Jake was able to turn his head after the treatment, showing significant improvement. Though there are no guarantees, devoted people are working tirelessly to help Jake recover fully. Follow his rescuers on Facebook for updates on his progress.

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